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Technology, Media and Telecommunications

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) industry is driving change and innovation all over the world, connecting people and delivering information and resources beyond borders.  


We have broad experience in the regulation of the TMT industry, advising States and companies in several leading TMT investment and commercial cases relating to, inter alia, the installation of cable and mobile phone networks, the operation of TMT projects and companies, as well as the development of software for many lines of business.  


Our lawyers have also acted in cases concerning a wide array of regulatory measures such as the nationalization of TMT companies, the reversion, and forced sale of assets, and the cancellation of licenses and permits.  


We can also offer assistance in disputes arising from new technologies such as cybersecurity, blockchain, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G and machine learning. 

Representative Experience
  • French company in a Paris-based ICC arbitration against an Egyptian State-owned entity relating to the acquisition and control of a telecommunications company. Over US$ 1,2 billion in dispute.

  • South American State in 2 ICSID cases initiated by investors from Mexico and Spain arising from regulatory measures for the reversion of telecommunications assets. Over US$ 1,6 billion in dispute.

  • South American State in an ICSID case initiated by investors from the Netherlands concerning the nationalization of a telecommunications company. Over US$ 1 billion in dispute.

  • South American State in an ad hoc investment arbitration under UNCITRAL rules arising from the termination of a contract for building telecommunications facilities. 

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