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Other Industries

We have also acted as counsel and arbitrators in other industries, such as pharmaceuticals, armament and defense, agroindustry and forestry, manufacture, retail and consumer goods, food and drinks, transportation, real estate, art disputes, hotel and tourism, marketing services, and fisheries.  

Representative Experience
  • South American investors in an ICSID case against a State relating to a public transportation concession contract.  Over US$ 340 million in dispute.

  • Spanish State-owned company in a Paris-based ICC arbitration under French law concerning the termination of contracts for the construction of war submarines.  Over US$ 650 million in dispute.

  • South American State and State agency in an international arbitration before the PCA under UNCITRAL rules related to a public transport concession contract. 

  • Swiss pharmaceutical company in a New York-based ICDR arbitration against its distributor in 2 Latin American countries relating to the termination of their distribution contracts. 

  • South American company in an international arbitration against a contractor from the region concerning an investment in an agroindustry business. 

  • Finnish company in an ad hoc international arbitration against a Central European State agency for disputes concerning military equipment supply contracts.  Over US$ 300 million in dispute.

  • South American State in a PCA arbitration under UNCITRAL rules initiated by a Spanish investor after the nationalization of 3 national airports. 

  • Middle East State in 2 UNCITRAL arbitrations before the PCA following the confiscation of real estate property to French investors.  Over US$ 1,8 billion in dispute.

  • Middle East State in a Geneva-based international investment arbitration under ICC rules concerning long-term sales contracts and the forced closure of a pharmaceutical business. 

  • Central European State in an ICSID arbitration against a Belgian investor arising from the denial of construction permits for the development of a large real estate project.  

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