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Mining and
Natural Resources

Our members have considerable experience representing major mining companies, lenders, private equity investors, and States and State-owned entities in international arbitrations, both commercial and arising out of alleged breaches of public international law.  We have experience in cases related to exploration and extraction contracts, royalty agreements, concessions, joint ventures, options agreements and others. 


Our lawyers have acted as counsel and arbitrators in some of the largest mining cases in Latin America and have a deep understanding of the technical and economic complexities of this industry.  Additionally, we have advised our clients on highly strategic next generation aspects of the industry and we have thorough comprehension of some of the big issues of the market such as the implications of climate change, ESG and the impact of new technologies. 

Representative Experience
  • South American State in 4 ICSID and UNCITRAL cases concerning measures over mining operations such as the revocation of permits, regulatory takeovers and the sale of assets.  Over US$ 890 million in dispute. 

  • Eastern European mining group in a Paris-seated ICC arbitration under French law arising from a dispute with a contractor from the same region. 

  • South American State in an ICSID case against a Swiss investor concerning penalties imposed by domestic regulators during the execution of a coal concession contract.  Over US$ 593 million in dispute. 

  • US investor in an ICSID dispute against a Central European State concerning the revocation of an exclusive right to operate in a large project following decisions from domestic high courts.  Over US$ 655 million in dispute. 

  • US investor in an ICSID arbitration against a Caribbean State concerning a governmental refusal to grant an environmental permit for the establishment of a mining operation.  Over US$ 100 million in dispute.  

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