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Sustainable Energy


Our team has extensive experience in the energy industry having acted as counsel and arbitrators in numerous arbitrations involving renewable and non-renewable energy sources.  Our experience spans multiple areas, such as power-purchase agreements (PPA), energy licenses and concessions, joint ventures, and the procurement, regulation, and privatization of energy projects.  


We have successfully represented private and public parties in complex cases involving, among others, carbon capture and utilization, thermal power, fossil fuels, energy networks and power distribution.  Not only we have expertise in conventional power sources and businesses, but we have been part of leading cases concerning energy transition, such as disputes on the development and operation of wind farms, solar energy and hydropower plants, which enables us to offer unique top-tier legal advice on these issues.     

Representative Experience
  • Central American company in an ICC arbitration seated in Houston, Texas, against several respondents in relation to a large photovoltaic energy project in the Dominican Republic.

  • Central American solar and hydropower generation companies in 2 ICC arbitrations against a State-owned distribution company for breach of PPAs. 

  • Central American State in 2 PCA arbitrations under UNCITRAL rules initiated by Spanish and Israeli investors for regulatory changes in the electric power distribution sector and tax issues.  Over US$ 305 million in dispute.

  • South American power production company in an ICC arbitration against a Central American State-owned agency in a dispute arising from the construction of a hydroelectric plant. 

  • Central European State in 6 PCA arbitrations under UNCITRAL rules against investors from Cyprus, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the UK concerning regulatory changes to the solar energy business. 

  • Caribbean State in a Miami-based ICC arbitration initiated by a US company relating to the installation and operation of a wind farm.  Over US$ 228 million in dispute.

Sustainable Energy
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